Guidelines for Donation Posts

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the relief effort for this disaster.

Those seeking assistance can simply click on the posts below and contact the respective donor directly. If delivery is a problem check the Transport/Delivery section for those who can help.

1 - You can Post donations either as a Guest or as a Member of this Wiki. Membership allows you to monitor responses to your posts to your email Click here to join Wiki(joining is free). When membership is confirmed, log in above and you can make your post.
2 - Ensure you are in the correct section of the Registry. For example Accomodation donations should be posted in the Accommodation page etc
3 - Click on 'New Post' below. **Click to open instructions while you post a donation**
4 - In the Subject field, add the nature of your donation and the location, like the SAMPLE.
5 - In the Message field, provide as much information about your donation as possible as well as your first name, phone and / or email address and importantly, your LOCATION.
6 - Click on 'Post'. This will publish your post to the Registry.
Expect to hear directly from a recipient or aid agency directly - not necessarily via this registry.
We appreciate your generosity and thank you for using this Registry. More guidelines here...