REGISTRY STATUS: Thousands of affected Queenslanders and now Victorians need your donations now. Please give generously by adding your goods and services to the appropriate section at left. Using this Registry will also ease the current logistic issues relief centres are experiencing with managing donated goods. Please do not be disappointed if there is no immediate response to your offers as many areas are still dealing with Emergency rather than Relief efforts. Now that we are catering for Victoria's relief effort too, its important to add your LOCATION within your donation messages.

The fast and easy way to match donors with those in need.

Welcome to the Register of Goods and Services Donations for those affected by the flood disaster in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

Thousands of people have now lost loved ones, homes, property, pets and livestock due to the devastating floods in the region. Equally thousands of people have expressed a desire to contribute in some way to those impacted by the tragedy.

This Registry allows donors of goods and services to be matched with those in need in a way that won't be a drain on the resources of the various authorities. Think of it as a virtual noticeboard for those in affected areas.

DONORS OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES can simply click on the required menu at left and follow the instructions. There are SAMPLE entries to illustrate how donation 'posts' should appear. See how one group of Volunteers used this registry to make a difference here.

THOSE AFFECTED BY THE FLOODS (and their assistance agencies) can either browse donation posts within the applicable menu at left and contact donors to arrange collection or Request A Good or Service.

PREFER TO DONATE CASH? Donate to the Premier's Appeal Here

Thank you for your generous support and interest!
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Latest Aid Requests (Please Request goods and services here. Donors please use menus at left)

Fitzroy Oxfam Group is a volunteer group raising funds for Oxfam Projects and assisting Australian disaster relief.

DISCLAIMER: Fitzroy Oxfam Group is not responsible for transactions generated by this Registry. Please take all necessary precautions to ensure the validity of both Donor and Recipient.