Guidelines for Donors

On behalf of those affected by the devestating floods in Queensland and New South Wales, we thank you for your interest in donating Goods and Services via this registry.

In simple terms the registry works like this:
A donor clicks on the “discussion “ tag at the top of each relevant page if they wish to directly list a description of a donation of an item or service they feel may be of use. The recipient who then logs onto this site may find that the item listed could help them in there crisis and simply contacts the donor directly and together they negotiate delivery. No bureaucracy, no bottlenecks, no middle person, just direct assistance. This same system worked so efficiently in Victoria’s recent Bushfire Disaster that Government and Relief agencies directed people to the site where immediate effective relief was required.

As a Community Registry it's important that all information posted is genuine and correct. This Registry is not moderated (but it is monitored) so the onus is on you the visitor to be responsible for any donation or communication you contribute.

Given the logistic challenges of transporting goods and services into the affected area, it's important too that your donation has a means of being delivered to those affected, either by you or a third party. Click for Information on access to affected areas.

Thank you so much again for your interest in this important service.


The Team from Fitzroy Oxfam Group