About this Registry

The Disaster Relief Goods and Services Registry is an initiative of Fitzroy Oxfam Group, a small volunteer organisation based in Melbourne.

It was originally established to assist the transfer of Goods and Services in the aftermath of Victoria's Bushfire Disaster in 2008. Hundreds of Goods and Services were exchanged via the Registry, in turn assisting hundreds of affected families.

It was also instrumental in helping to ease the logistic challenge of managing the massive number of goods and services Australians donated at the time.

You can find out more about Fitzroy Oxfam Group here.

Acknowledgements from the Victorian Bushfire Disaster 2008.
The following is a selection of actual posts on this registry left by recipients of donations during the 'Black Saturday' Bushfires.

Gogol family
To the cfa, volunteers, army, red cross, thank you so much for all your efforts and help. thanks also to the ABC for informative broadcasting to alerts in the community. and to the Fitzroy Oxfam Group for this great service. i hope the word of this site gets out quickly for those who need it. thanks also to every one who posts a donation on this registry

Phillip Wierzbowski (Lost everything) Healesville
THANK YOU for helping and many offers of support

Joanna Stubbings (lost home and all possessions) Flowerdale
Thank You for the kind donation and offers of support.Donation recieved

Anthony Schroder
Thankyou to all who responded to our previous post, we now have so much baby stuff, toys etc, tools for the clean-up.... bless you for your generosity and support. THANKYOU!

Chum Creek Wildlife Shelter 265 old chum creek rd. chum creek
We wish to thank all people who donated either their time or goods to us.
Australian Aid. Tracy, Denise, Karen and all the gang, for everything and everyone who did so much to help and still helping.
Hans and Helen Sieker for your shed
Heather McCallum also for your large shed
Michael from Montmorency for your oil filled column heater
Ken and Barbara from Richmond for your tressel table
Sharon for your camp bed
David from Fairfield for your washing machine
Phill from Keysborough for your very large cage
Donna Cosgrove for your draw set
Lorraine from Mitchem for your pc desk ,chair ect.
Christine from Sandringham for your tent" already came in handy"
Jennifer from Berwick for your tarp and air bed
Helen from Eltham for your tent which has also come in handy
Patrick from sth yarra for your time
Gavin,maggie edward and bonny for all your help
Eric from gembrook for the delivery of the large cage
Colin from ringwood for all your help
Kim and Andrew Musgrove for going beyond the call to bring us much needed milk and all your help with everything
Andrew Gibson from Point leo and all your workers and wife much thank indeed
Heidi and family for all your good work

Robyn (from Taggerty)
Thank you to Anthony Anderson, Electrician from the Nicholson Group. He worked all day saturday connecting our power.

Australian Aid
A huge thank you to the crew from Precedent, wonderful group of guys who without their exceptional assistance in the past week would not have been possible to renovate a house for a fire affected family in Victoria. Thank you to you all! A wonderful job done.